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Productivity enhancing Coil Press Wheels for sale

The revolutionary RYAN NT Coil Press Wheel will result in better germination and increased productivity and yields.

Don’t just buy any press wheels for sale!

The unique part of it is a spring coil that self-cleans. Not only is it self-cleaning, but when it's in the ground, it squeezes against the seed rather than pressing on top of it, leaving a nice tilth on top for better germination.

It's like when you put a veggie seed in the garden; you don't smack it on top. You press around the seed the same as you press around a tree. Hence there is better germination.

This press wheel is a great asset for No-till, Zero-till and regenerative agriculture farmers.

No more splitting rubber after buying our press wheels

The beauty of the coil wheels is that you can flex and shed the mud, whereas rubber can split after a while.


For longevity, it's made of wire and not rubber and keeps you going in the field for much longer. Early mornings and wet days, it will shed the mud.


If wearing rubber press wheels are an issue for you consider ours when looking at press wheels for sale.

RYAN NT Coil press wheel vs rubber press wheel - no more splitting rubber

No more splitting rubber with the RYAN NT Coil Press Wheel

Designed to suit different systems

We have different stud patterns for North American – or packer wheels, as you would know them as over there.


You can fit our press wheels to many frames and stud patterns, including:


  • AG Master,
  • Manutec,
  • Great Plains,
  • Flexicoil,
  • Duncan,
  • John Shearer,
  • Primary Sales,
  • Gessner,
  • Boss,
  • Morris,
  • John Deere,
  • plus many more. We cover the lot.

Our coil press wheels can be retrofitted to most systems

Different models available

We have two and three coil models. The three coil is mainly for parallelograms.


It's all about getting more productivity with our coil wheels.


There are standard and heavy-duty models. Our standard model is well-known. As of recently, we have a heavy-duty version with spokes inside for high-pressure parallelograms, so it doesn't squash.


This heavy-duty model is a newly patented system, which has proven to last longer than the previous models. We designed the system with heavy-duty nylon pads. 


We have put nylon pads on each point, so there's no wear and tear against the steel. 

RYAN NT has you sorted in your search for press wheels for sale.

Easily retrofit to your bar with our press wheel assembly

We have a press wheel assembly that you can fit onto most frames. It can easily fit most frames, including 2×2 or 3×3 RHS. There is also a tyne-mounted model.


Commonly it is fitted across the lazy bar of your cultivator or seeder's frame. We have designed it to pivot 15 degrees either way. You can get up to 20 kilograms of pressure, which is a common pressure.


You can set the lazy bar up about 400mm from the ground when you put it on the back of a cultivator or seeder.


There is also a large pivot point and a nut for adjustable pressure. The idea is that you don't want to put too much pressure on the seed. You just want to take the bounce out of it.

Pack the seeds in better for better germination

You can't over-compact with our wheel, as the beauty of this system is that it packs around the seed.


With many press wheels, the seed will sit at the bottom of the furrow, and the press wheel will sit on top. Meaning sometimes you don't get seed-to-soil contact.


Whereas with our system, the coil will close around the seed, and you get better seed-to-soil contact. Consider our coil press wheels when you replace your used rubber ones.


This wheel is a great addition to farmers already using RYAN NT Discs or RYAN Tynes.

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