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Davimac Direct Drill Seeder with Discs: “We just couldn't be more happy with the result.”

We met with Coonabarabran (NSW) farmer, Sam Clifton, to hear about his experiences with the RYAN NT retrofit discs on his Davimac Direct Drill Seeder.

Mr Clifton started by retrofitting our tines under his Davimac drill, and he fitted the double discs in recent years.


“We changed from tine to disc to achieve minimum disturbance when sowing, primarily perennial pastures and winter crops for the cattle,” he said.


“These days, we’re probably driving the perennial grasses more and trying to improve them through sowing deep-rooted legumes and clovers.


“This year, we sowed probably up 250 hectares of probably six different types of clover into the grasses.


“We just couldn't be happier with the result from sowing that into thick grass country.


“The germination was fantastic.”

Direct drill seeder with Ryan Discs. Davimac

Davimac Direct drill seeder with RYAN NT Retrofit Discs.

Ryan Direct Drill Seeder Disc System makes light work of stubble and trash... even thick grasses!

RYAN NT’s disc system includes disc coulters that make light work of stubble and trash in all soil types. Further, other disc systems often put disc coulters side by side, causing them to act as a wedge, making it harder to penetrate the soil. Clifton said he wouldn’t have achieved the same results if he hadn’t used the Ryan discs and had stuck with his tines, stating, “It would have nearly been impossible in my conditions”.


“The tines just rip everything up, and it'd be terribly difficult to do it through that thick grass.


“It would make a hell of a mess.


“But with the discs, they roll over easily and cut a nice little slot that puts the seed in the perfect spot.


“Down to about a centimetre, and with the Janke press wheel running behind, we had outstanding germination.”

Direct drill seeder with Ryan Discs. Davimac

Davimac Direct drill seeder with RYAN NT Retrofit Discs and Tynes.

A simple direct drill seeder upgrade to save money and retain moisture in dry conditions

Mr Clifton explains that he didn’t get much rain after planting his clovers during the 2023 season, but due to the discs, “they hung on due to the moisture conservation”. He further explained that the retrofit discs “were simple to fit”, allowing him to save significantly.


“It was so simple; just drop the tines out of the assembly and then just put the disc shank in,” he said.


“It's only a couple of bolts.


“A very simple conversion.


“The other thing that stands out is the fuel savings.


“When you’re going along with a tine machine on, and you put your foot on the clutch, the tractor almost pulls back.


“But with the discs on my direct drill seeder, the machine keeps rolling when you put the foot on the clutch.

“There’s just no draft at all.


“Just no disturbance, or very little, especially in the pasture country.


“We've had really good results as far as germination goes.


“It’s a fantastic system.”

RYAN NT Small Direct Drill Seeder and Pasture Seeder retrofit disc system will fit most brands and models from the last 40 years, including AFM, Allan Johns, Agrowdrill, Chamberlin, Connor Shea, Davimac, Duncan, Horwood Bagshaw, Gyral, International, John Shearer, John Deere and Napier Grasslands.


Contact RYAN NT today for the number one retrofit disc system for direct drill seeders.

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