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Seeder & Planter Retrofit Upgrades That Get You Better Yields

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Instead of buying a John Deere Disc Seeder or Planter, invest in a retrofit disc system!

The revolutionary RYAN NT retrofit double disc system is easy to fit, works like magic and will not only save heaps of time but a small fortune in cash!

How our John Deere Disc Seeder and Planter alternative will work for you

Planting through heavy canola and wheat stubbles or, pain-in-the-ass, wire weed? No problem for our double disc system.


These discs will plant in just about any conditions…

  • The leading serrated front disc will slice through thick stubbles meaning no hair-pinning
  • These discs will allow you to drive in all soil types and not stop turning.
  • You will be able to simply switch back to your cultivator tine if the conditions require it. If you buy a John Deere Disc seeder or planter you just don’t get this option.

You sow faster when the gear doesn’t plug-up

  • Mud will not impact the front boot so it can keep firing grain into your furrow
  • The tungsten scrapers are spring-loaded and tough-as!
  • There is also an option to use outside scrapers
  • You will always be able to plant on-time, and not miss those important rain events…and no yield penalties.

It’s DIY easy!

The RYAN NT Discs are 20-30% faster to setup than your tine system.


Many farmers have found these discs get better all-round results compared to purchasing a John Deere 1890 air seeder or Maxemerge Planter.


When looking at the next John Deere Disc Seeder or Planter Sale, have a look at buying an old tine machine that needs an update. Or better yet, don’t do that and retrofit your current one that is sitting around in the shed!

Alternative disc option before going onto a John Deere Planter or Seeder Sale on a Bourgault

RYAN NT retrofit double discs on a Bourgault

Several ways to set up the RYAN NT Double Discs

The beauty of the Ryan double disc is you can double chute. You can fit a rear rubber boot on it for double chuting or just planting canola or small seeds. The system is also built of strong cast steel.


The system comprises 3 spaces that are 2mm wide, which means as the discs wear, you can chase the gap in. The axle is 30mm with two Timken tapered bearings.

Alternative disc option before going onto a John Deere Planter or Seeder Sale

RYANNT Ryan leg inside scraper with rear boot

We have built them strong for tough conditions

We have made sure the system is built strong enough to handle most conditions. And whether it's canola, cereal stubbles, as I said before or that pain in the ass wire weed, this will cut through.


Being a double disc, it will cut and tear, unlike a big single disc, where you need a lot of weight.

We can fit most seeders made in the last 40 years

Before searching for the latest John Deere Planter for sale get in touch with us. We believe The RYAN NT discs could be the perfect upgrade for your air seeder system. You can easily retrofit this to your current air seeder system, whether it's a Flexicoil, Bourgault, Morris, John Deere, RFM, Seed Hawk, or Gason.. plus many more.


We have different legs to suit all those models – all your common machines that we see around in Australia.

2 thoughts on “Looking at John Deere Disc Seeder or Planter Sales? We have an alternative.”

  1. Dougal Browning

    Hi there , have a 511 combine with John’s Tynes , can these fit – either at the 7inch or 2to1 at 14 inch spacings cheers

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