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Retrofit Trashcutter for those wanting the best Speed Tiller Discs

Combat viney trash you could be facing this planting with this affordable option.

Retrofit Trashcutter for those wanting the best Speed Tiller Discs

Combat viney trash you could be facing this planting with this affordable option.

RYAN NT Trash cutter speed tiller single disc

Cut viney trash

Combat viney trash you could face this planting, such as vetch and lentil trash.

Protect soil structure

Prepare your paddock

Break down the trash before you sow into it

RYAN NT Trash cutter speed tiller single disc

Retrofit current tyne trip

Fits into your tyne trip so you don’t need to buy an expensive trash-cutting system.


Your crops will ‘jump' out of the ground due to better seed placement and germination, leading to higher yields and more profit.

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RYAN NT Retrofit Trashcutter Discs for the most affordable and best Speed Tiller results

RYAN NT’s Trashcutter, similar to a Speed Tiller disc system, is an affordable option that could bring you results, as seen by the best speed tiller products currently in the market.


This cutting-edge tillage solution empowers you to achieve optimal soil preparation and maximise your crop yields.

Superior cutting and enhanced soil structure

With its unique design featuring a single disc coulter, the Trashcutter cuts through soil and enhances soil structure without disturbing the natural layers beneath.

Our system will promote soil health, leading to better soil aeration, improved water infiltration, and increased plant nutrient uptake.

The Trashcutter is highly flexible and can handle various soil conditions, from heavy clay to sandy loam, and residue levels of up to 5-6 tonnes per hectare.

Switch our Trashcutter into your tyne trip before hiring or purchasing a Speed Tiller

Whether you're like other speed tiller brands for sale, either brand new or second-hand, or hiring one, it's worth considering our option first.


Our latest design is an update to our well-known double disc product, which simply fits into your current tyne trip. This means you don't need to purchase an expensive trash-cutting system.


Not only is the RYAN NT Trashcutter powerful and effective, but it's also easy to use and low maintenance.


Whether you're a small-scale farmer or a large commercial operation, the RYAN NT Trashcutter empowers you to take control of your soil preparation and achieve maximum crop yields.


Contact us today to learn more about how the RYAN NT Trashcutter can revolutionise your farming business.


More benefits to improve your productivity and profitability.


  • You won’t need to buy a new machine, simply retrofit the current one
  • Makes light work of stubble and trash in all soil types
  • Easy conversion back to a tyne or disc machine if required.


  • Better stubble management.
  • No need to burn stubble.
18″ (450mm) diameter Plain Discs Greater cutting.
Moisture Retention Greater yields.
Double Bevel Discs For ease of penetration. Plates are recessed to handle rough conditions
Heavy duty axle system Handles harsh conditions.
Large range of adapters and shanks Different designs to retrofit to different tyne assemblies.
Disc OD: 18” (450mm)
Disc Thickness: 4mm
Material: Hardened cast steel
Disc Weight: 4kg

Models for RFM, AFM, Allan Johns, Boss, Bourgault, Conservapac, Ezee On, Flexicoil, Horwood Bagshaw, Gason, Gyral, Janke, John Shearer, John Deere, Morris, Simplicity and Smale.

Commonly asked questions from our farmers

Very minimal. We recommend that you check disc bearing in the first 100 hours and then grease every 100 hours from thereon.

We regularly plant into hard pastures. The results depend on soil types, speed and conditions.

Yes, you can. We also stock adapters to suit other tyne models.

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