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Moree farmer tries out the RYAN NT coil press wheels on his Morris Contour Drill

We caught up with Craig McPhee, a broadacre farmer from Moree, NSW, to hear how the RYAN NT Coil Press Wheels (AKA packer wheels in the USA and Canada) went on his Morris Contour Drill.

Mr McPhee runs about 5,000 acres and has had the coil press wheels on his Morris Contour Drill for several seasons. Recently, he trialled the latest model.


He took us through how the design and new concept worked for his farming operation.


“Currently, we’re running with the two coil press wheel system and also trialling the three coil system,’ he explained.


“The two rows are actually going down into the furrow a lot better, and I feel it's doing a lot better job for a narrow tyne machine.


“So far, we haven't had any issues with them blocking up.


“With that new three spoke design that Paul’s put in there, it's actually made that coil stronger, and we have added a lot of pressure… a lot of pressure to these wheels.


“We haven't broken them yet.”

Morris Contour Drill with RYAN Press Wheels

Mr McPhee's Morris Contour Drill with RYAN Press Wheels

New three spoke heavy duty system can handle the Morris Contour Drill pressure!

When asked about the pressure he was getting up to, Mr McPhee explained that they were “running up around the 1200 PSI mark.”


Mr McPhee further noted how the coils were helping with his trash clearance.


“I feel that the movement of the coil and the way the coil works is totally different to a rubber tyred press wheel,” he said.


“It's actually moving and tearing the stubble around.


“Considering the stubble we've got here averages about seven tonne a hectare.


“The stubbles are about 40 centimetres in height on average.


“And the press wheel is doing a marvellous job.”

Morris Contour Drill with RYAN Press Wheels

Mr McPhee's coil press wheels

Get better seed-soil contact with RYAN NT Coil Press Wheels

The RYAN NT Press wheels uniquely press air out from the soil around the seed to produce a better seed-soil contact, which, in turn, allows seeds to germinate much easier than other systems. When asked about this, Mr McPhee explained that he was “really stoked with the way it compacted around the seed,” after planting with his Morris Contour Drill.


“We're only just going under the ground,” he said.


“Probably be 20mm, 25mm.”


Mr McPhee pointed out how well the coil system pressed into the furrow, saying it’s “quite good” how well it does this.


He explained that the “seed is at the depth you would want when planting in extremely wet conditions.”


“We've had 160mm of rain just over a month ago.


“It's the wettest we've ever seen it.


“At the moment, the Ryan wheels are doing a marvellous job.


“If we had been running the rubber tyre press wheels.


“We wouldn’t be closing the furrows at all.”

Rubber press wheels vs coil press wheels

Rubber press wheels vs coil press wheels furrow closing ability

Outperforming even when moisture seeking with Morris Contour Drill

Mr McPhee finished by telling us after trialling the coils when moisture seeking and going deep, “they proved themselves to be quite good in that situation as well.”


“All around, I’m very happy with them,” he said.


After the recent 2024 planting season, we followed up with Mr McPhee, and he let us know the wheels had a “100% strike rate” for germination. He is still really happy with them and is looking forward to future designs.

Paul Ryan and Craig McPhee

RYAN NT General Manager, Paul Ryan, and Craig McPhee

The coil press wheels can suit many models and brands...

AG Master, Manutec, Great Plains, Excel, Flexicoil, Duncan, John Shearer, Primary Sales, Gessner, Boss, Morris, John Deere, Simplicity, plus many more. We cover the lot.


Contact RYAN NT today for a better press wheel system for planting.

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