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Amazing results for John Deere Seeders & Planters with spoked gauge wheels

The revolutionary RYAN NT spoked gauge wheels ELIMINATES MUD BUILD-UP and allows you to plant in ANY CONDITIONS, on-time, every time!

Coil Spoked Gauge Wheel is your rubber wheel alternative

The secret is simple, you will be using our cutting-edge coil wheel instead of the usual, rubber wheel.


That means, no more getting stuck in the paddock or at home in the shed! Avoid making things worse with a yield penalty at harvest time for planting late.


If you use Needham, Mudsmith or Carlisle gear or any other gauge wheel for that matter, there’s good news – our spoked gauge wheels will be a perfect fit so you get all the advantages too.

RYAN NT Coil Spoked Gauge Wheel

Eliminate mud build-up with the RYAN NT Coil Gauge Wheel

How to take your Disc Planting and Seeding to the next level

Our latest Spoked Gauge Wheel is perfect for disc planters and seeders, as we have taken our system to the next level.

Firstly, we have implemented three spokes to provide extra cleaning. We also have a coil wheel that goes over the rim rather than a rubber one.


The RYAN NT system means you cannot only clean on the inside but also on the outside.

The coil wheel will provide much better and more consistent seeding depth on your disc planter, as there is much less mud built up on the wheel.

Self-cleaning gauge wheel that also cleans your disc

Our Spoked Gauge wheel continually flexes, to shed the mud and give you a cushion for a smoother ride.


Any mud build-up on the cast rim and coil will be self-cleaned due to the spoked gauge wheels design.


There are also nylon pads on each point where the coil meets the rim, protecting the coil and rim from wear and allowing for further self-cleaning.


Notably, the gauge wheel rim has a chamfered edge that will cut the mud from your disc.


These self-cleaning features will keep you in the paddock much longer than the rubber wheels you have been using.


Another benefit you can achieve with the coils is keeping stubbles standing. When stubbles pass through the coils, this will also help with your depth control.

RYAN NT Spoked Coil Gauge Wheel

Our self-cleaning spoked gauge wheel can fit most systems

Our Gauge Wheel is Narrow in design

The RYAN NT Coil Gauge Wheel is narrow, meaning the wheel can drop into soil depressions, allowing you to achieve a more consistent and precision seeding depth. This means your old wheel tracks won't interfere with your depth control and seed placement like they would with the conventional wide gauge wheels.


Our narrow gauge wheels won't run on previous stubble rows, which is an issue with wide ones. It's known that wide wheels can cause the unit to ‘bounce', leading to inconsistent seed placement and poor or uneven germination. If you're trying to run between winter stubble rows, this could be an issue for you.

Remove bounce and sow at higher speeds

You may also see the benefits of sowing at higher speeds with this coil wheel due to the cushioning factor provided by the coil.


Many of our farmers, especially those using John Deere Gauge Wheels, have talked about going one or two kilometres an hour faster with our wheel.


This benefit is because you are not getting the bounce; ultimately, this means better seed placement. It's all about productivity with RYAN NT, and that's our number one priority.


We truly believe we can give you much more time in the paddock. Early morning starts, or late in the evenings and on wet days, this wheel will keep you going.

RYAN NT Spoked Coil Gauge Wheel working

Gauge wheel working on a John Deere Seeder

Wet weather and sticky paddock conditions are no longer a problem

If mud is ever a problem on your farm, it won't be anymore.


Now you don't need to wait for perfect conditions before heading into the paddock.


With our coil wheels, you can rest assured that you will plant on time, every time, whether sowing early in the morning or later at night.

Many models to suit your disc system

This gauge wheel, also known as a depth wheel in some regions, is available in Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe.


RYAN NT has Coil Spoked Gauge Wheels to suit John Deere, Kinze, AGCO White, Serafin, Great Plains, Norseman, Excel and Boss.


We also have a coil closing wheel that goes hand in hand with our gauge wheel. Meaning you can achieve even greater benefits with your disc seeding system.

Gauge wheels and closing wheels on max emerge

Coil Gauge Wheel and Closing Wheel

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