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Retrofit Double Discs for small farm seeders and pasture drills

Dramatically improve your pasture seeding and cropping with RYAN NT Double Discs.

Retrofit Double Discs for small farm seeders and pasture drills

Dramatically improve your pasture seeding and cropping with RYAN NT Double Discs.

Eliminate Machine Blockages

Blockage eliminating system

Unique front seeding boot and scraper avoid blockages to place seeds perfectly.

Protect soil structure

Improves soil structure

Better soils get better yields, and overall more profits, crucial to long-term farming success.

Plant Early & Dry

Early & Dry Planting

Planting can be done early and on time, so your crops get that much-needed moisture.


Your crops will ‘jump' out of the ground due to better seed placement and germination, leading to higher yields and more profit.

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Retrofit RYAN NT Small Drill Double Discs for Pasture Seeding and Cropping Farmers

If you’re considering upgrading the tines on your small farm seeder or pasture drill, the RYAN NT Retrofit Double Discs are the perfect option. Notably, we have recently released a system that fits the popular Duncan drills from New Zealand.

Our Discs are an alternative to buying a new machine, saving heaps of money in the process! And the good news, RYAN NT Double Discs work on just about any machine manufactured in the last 30 years, meaning you can get your small farm disc seeder or disc pasture planter today!

Discs are a preferred part for pasture cropping programs, when wanting to achieve minimal disturbance. Especially, when sowing your perennial grasses and winter crops for livestock. 

It's never been a better time to use discs, due to changing cultivation practices, no-till equipment, heavier bars, interrow sowing and reduced livestock trampling. Togther, all contributing to higher productivity and profitability.

Our small farm disc seeder and disc pasture planter systems, includes disc coulters that make light work of stubble and trash in all soil types. This means you can plant early in dry conditions without making a mess; and you won’t get blocked up in the wet.

You'll have no issues sowing legumes and clovers into your grasses, even if you have thick grass country, you'll be impressed with the result.

And farmers find they can plant up to 30% faster than average as there is no draft – plus they also spending a lot less on fuel – up to 50%.

The big advantage with the RYAN NT Double Disc opener system is soil moisture retention, far more than using a standard tyne point system.

Get a small farm disc seeder or pasture drill with superior penetration & cutting

Standard direct drill disc systems often put the disc coulters side by side causing them to act as a wedge, making it harder to penetrate the soil. Our discs will outperform tynes in thick grass and won't rip up everything, rather rolling over obstacles easily. Plus there will be a perfect slot cut for seed placement.

The RYAN NT Double disc coulters are offset, allowing extra penetration, easier cutting and no hairpinning. This unique system works brilliantly because the lead or driving disc is on the ground, an inch forward of the plain coulter disc.

The plain and serrated coulters our small farm disc seeder system, mean you get good tilth with enough soil through for chemical incorporation.

Our small farm disc seeder and disc pasture planter systems includes a front seeding boot design. This design avoids blocking and gets perfect seed or fertiliser placement directly at the bottom of the trench; also, the spring-loaded scrapers will help alleviate blocking…and the system can Double chute.

Outside disc scraper option now available – click here to learn more

Change from Tynes to Retrofit Double Discs on your small farm disc seeder... and back

Quickly turn your conventional tyne planter into a highly versatile small farm disc seeder or pasture drill with the revolutionary RYAN NT multipurpose disc system.

RYAN NT's no-till drill conversion kits allow you to switch to discs, then just as easily convert it back if conditions require it.

The RYAN NT Retrofit Double Disc system easily attaches to existing tine trip assemblies.

It’s as easy as dropping the current shank out from the tine trip assembly and replacing it with our matching disc shank…a simple process involving a couple of bolts or a pin.

The bottom line: You don’t need to buy a new machine; rather, convert your existing planting tyne trip for dual purpose with the RYAN NT Double Discs.

Then, for even better results, invest in RYAN NT Press Wheels that work in tandem with the revolutionary Double Discs.


More benefits to improve your productivity and profitability.

  • You won’t need to buy a new machine, simply retrofit the current one
  • Makes light work of stubble and trash in all soil types
  • Plant early in dry conditions with no mess or blocking up in the wet
  • Less fuel used as planting will be up to 30% faster
  • Offset disc coulters mean no wedge-effect leading to greater penetration
  • No more hair pinning
  • Perfect seed or fertiliser placement with our no-block front seeding boot
  • Spring-loaded scrapers help alleviate blocking
  • The double disc system can double chute
  • Easy conversion back to a conventional machine if required
  • Works in tandem with our unique scrapers to clean discs & stop blocking.
  • Allows soil to retain more moisture when seeding
  • Better stubble management – higher straw with no blockages
  • No need to burn stubble
  • Plain and serrated coulters work together for improved tilth allowing enough soil through for chemical incorporation
  • Overall, better protection from soil erosion
18″ (450mm) diameter Plain & Serrated Discs
  • Greater cutting.
  • Plant in harder conditioners than traditional wedge design.
  • 20 – 30% higher speeds than tynes, depending on conditions.
  • The serrated lead disc sits 25mm in front of the plain disc to improve penetration.
15 degree working angle
  • No hairpinning.
  • Cut through challenging stubble and trash, whether that be canola, cereal or thick grasses.
Moisture Retention
  • Greater yields and your crops will hang on that little bit longer in a drier year.
Double Bevel Discs
  • For ease of penetration
  • Plates are recessed to handle rough conditions
Recessed design
  • Adds reinforcement to handle rough conditions.
30mm Offset axles
  • For ease of penetration and cutting
Heavy duty axle system
  • Handles harsh conditions.
Moisture Retention
  • Greater yields.
Reduced draft
  • Up to 50% less fuel required.
Front seed boot
  • Up to 50% increased productivity due to reduced blockages.
  • Excellent seed placement combined with v-shaped cutting into the furrow.
High-Quality Tapered Bearings Ryan NT (RFM NT) hub cutaway with tapered bearings

Hub cutaway

  • Reduced downtime for maintenance.
Adjustment Spacers
  • Adjust the cutting edge between the two discs when wear happens.
Large range of adapters and shanks
  • Different designs to retrofit to different tyne assemblies.
Spring Loaded Tungsten Mud Scrapers RYANNT ryan leg inside scraper
  • Longer wearing.
  • Noticeably reduced mud build-up.
  • Avoid blocking up.
  • Outside disc scraper option available.
Disc OD: 18” (450mm)
Disc Thickness: 4mm
Material: Hardened cast steel
Disc Weight: 4kg
Single chute or double chute.
Rear small seeds boot.
Double plain disc combination to reduce throw when pasture seeding.
Standard Combination for most broadacre planting applications.
Various disc shank models.

Models for AFM, Allan Johns, Agrowdrill, Chamberlin, Connor Shea, Davimac, Duncan, Horwood Bagshaw, Gyral, International, John Shearer, John Deere and Napier Grasslands.

What our farmers have to say

“We just couldn't be more happy with the result [from switching to RYAN NT Double Discs] in the thick grass country. The germination was fantastic…”

– Sam Clifton of Coonabarabran (NSW)

“I found the RYAN discs online and did a bit of research into them… Since converting to the discs it's been great.”

– Phil Giancono of Donnybrook (WA)

Commonly asked questions from our farmers

Yes, they are greaseable Timkin tapered bearing. There are two bearings to each hub with a rubber seal on the inside. The bearings have the grease nipple positioned between them.

On average, you use 50% less horsepower than you would with a tyne machine. However, many factors influence this requirement, such as soil type, machine configuration, application and what you are trying to achieve.

Deep banding tubes are an option. We have achieved separation with them. It all comes down to soil types and speed.

Very minimal. We recommend that you check disc bearing in the first 100 hours and then grease every 100 hours from thereon.

Yes, they can. It comes down to soil types, speed, and conditions.

The lead disc at the front is always the notched disc.

We regularly plant into hard pastures. The results depend on soil types, speed and conditions.

We recommended starting with 3 spaces on each side. We recommend aiming for a 3-6mm gap at the leading edge of the discs for loam to heavy soils and no more than 1mm for sandy soils. The loam to heavy soils will close the gap between the disc coulters.

Yes, you can. We also stock adapters to suit other tyne models.

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