Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) CWS2000 COIL GAUGE WHEEL



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Coil Gauge Wheel from the No-Till FARM MACHINERY Retrofit Leaders - Ryan nt (formerly RFM NT)

Significantly combat poor seed to soil issues, uneven seed placement and mud build-up with the Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) CWS2000 Coil Gauge Wheel. Ryan NT created the revolutionary gauge wheel with a continuous focus on evolving their coil press wheel range for seed drills and planters.

Farmers looking for superior results can easily fit the Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) CWS2000 Coil Wheel to their machine, as it suits most disc planting units with its design. The simple retrofit design means you can easily replace your worn rubber gauge wheels using your existing equipment and parts.

The Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) Gauge Wheel has a much more open design, unlike solid rubber or inner lipped spoked wheels, which means noticeably reduced mud build-up.


More growers are purchasing disc seeders each year for the benefits of minimal soil disturbance and to cut through heavy dry stubbles easily. These machines have proven to be limited in wet conditions, due to mud build-up on the discs and gauge wheels.


The Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) CWS2000 Gauge Wheels are getting farmers with discs in the paddock earlier and staying there longer. The coil wheel system gives you much better self-cleaning and no caking or smearing. It flexes to allow dirt to pass through, which would stop a disc machine using conventional gauge wheels.


Also, the gauge wheels are spoked by design which means that mud can flow through when you are in damp and sticky conditions. The spokes allow operators to easily view and access the disc hub when they need to perform maintenance.


When conventional gauge wheels cake up with mud, farmers lose time as they are forced out of the cab to clean them. The coil wheel system has removed this limitation, which means farmers can be more productive. Getting your crop in on time is important, which is why you do not want to lose time to wet and sticky conditions.


Farmers using disc machines have become frustrated during sticky conditions as they are unable to continue planting, unlike their neighbours with tined rigs who continue to operate. The coil gauge wheel has changed this, as it has given disc machines the added ability to match a tined rig in the wet.


With the needs of farmers taken into consideration, we have made the gauge wheel narrow in design as wider gauge wheels often run on previous stubble rows. This can make row units bounce, which causes inconsistent seed placement and poor or uneven germination.


Notably, the narrow wheel has alleviated challenges witnessed by farmers trying to run between winter stubble rows with a single disc opener machine. As more farmers are converting to these machines each year, they need a gauge wheel that they can trust to get the job done right and on time.


Anyone who has used a standard gauge wheel, usually made of urethane or rubber, would know they are prone to knocking standing stubble over. The coils of the CWS2000 gauge wheel substantially reduce this from happening as they allow the stubble to pass through them. This feature is important, as there are many well-documented benefits to keeping stubble standing.


The CWS2000 Coil Gauge wheels can be the difference between running directly on top of a stubble row, knocking all the standing stubble over and struggling with seed placement.


Our narrow gauge wheels, with the added combination of the coil wheel system, have proven to leave more stubble standing and maintain excellent depth control.


The cushioning effect of the spring coil gives a smoother ride when planting, which means better seed placement.


Further to this, the narrow gauge wheel is better able to drop down into soil depressions to achieve a more consistent seeding depth. For instance, old wheel tracks are known to interfere with depth control and final seed placement for wider gauge wheels.


Developed to get the best result during planting such as increasing yields, this coil wheel system is one of the top no-till and conventional aftermarket upgrades to planting technology.


For this reason, USA, European, and Australian farmers using the wheels have witnessed remarkable results with corn and cereals on their farms. The team at Ryan Farming Machinery has revolutionised planter gauge wheels, furthermore, taking broadacre farming into the future.


Whats in it for you

3 Compression Spring Coils

  • Natural flex of the spring coil allows the wheel to self-clean.

  • Keeps the dry soil away from the seed trench.

  • No more plugging or blocking.

  • Rides smoother for better seed placement and germination.

Spring Steel

  • Overcomes replacing rubber tyres.

Spoked Design

  • Easily allows mud to clear from the inside of the wheel.

Waterpump 5023 Bearing

  • Reduced downtime for maintenance.

Provision for adjustment with spacers

  • Adjust gap between disc and gauge wheel for different disc seeder row units and wear.

Ryan NT Coil Gauge Wheels vs Rubber Wheels in muddy 2020 conditions

Ryan NT (RFM NT) Gauge Wheels vs Rubber Wheels Muddy 2020 Conditions


Wheel OD:

Coil Thickness:
Coil Material:
Rim Material:

16” (406mm)

0.55” (14mm) spring wire
Spring Metal
Cast Steel


Models for John Deere, Kinze, AGCO White, Serafin, Great Plains, Norseman, Excel and Boss.

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