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The RYAN NT Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels made a huge difference on our NSW Cotton Farm…

Paul Ryan talks to Tim Leifels, Moree, about his experiences with the RYAN NT Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels fitted to a John Deere Planter and Seeder on his NSW cotton farm.

Mr Leifels has been running the RYAN NT coil gauge wheels and closing wheels for several years now. As a user of the coil wheels since their conception, he has witnessed the advantages and continuous improvement of the products, including making several recommendations himself.


He first installed the coil closing wheel on his MaxEmerge, and when he first tried them, “there was a huge difference”.


“We only had two units with the wheels on, and the germination of those two wheels, compared to the other five in our sorghum, was tremendously better,” he said.


“It pounded out of the ground like there was no tomorrow.


“It closed the trench up really well.”


When asked about the cleaning aspect of the coils, Mr Leifels was impressed by how “there was no mud buildup on there.”

RYAN NT Closing wheels for John Deere Planters - double discs

Paul Ryan and Tim Leifels with a Coil Closing Wheel fitted to a John Deere MaxEmerge

The Gauge Wheel provided more benefits to his NSW Cotton Farm

After the success of the closing wheel, Mr Leifels progressed to implementing the coil gauge wheel, an idea that he and the workman helped Mr Ryan conceive on-farm. That idea was to make a self-cleaning coil gauge wheel version.


Now, Mr Leifels runs the gauge wheels on his John Deere 1890 and MaxEmerge machines.

“We have them on the 1890 for our winter program and our MaxEmerge for our summer program cotton and sorghum,” he explained.


“They seemed to work really well.


“They keep the discs much cleaner because of the extra scraping side.


“No block-ups with heavy residue.


“It's easy with the trash flow.


“It cleans itself really well.


“They move a fair bit of trash away from the trench, especially on our MaxEmerge.


“When you get them together with the closing wheels, they massage the soil back in the trench and get a very perfect seed-to-soil contact. “

Coil Gauge and Closing Wheel on Cotton Farm NSW - JD MaxEmerge Planter

Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels fitted to a John Deere MaxEmerge

Plenty of benefits for NSW Cotton Farms

The RYAN NT coils wheels are designed to give many more benefits than the standard rubber wheels. Tim explained they “virtually eliminated cracking and hairpinning” when planting on his farm.


“It works really well in all different soils,” he said.


“Anywhere from the heavy clays to the heavy basalt country on our southern farm.


“We have plenty of rocks on NSW cotton farm, and they just roll over them.”

Tim Leifels in paddock on NSW Cotton Farm

Tim Leifels and Kate Ledingham on their Moree Property

A cutting edge above the rest

Another benefit of the gauge wheel is its chamfered edge to cut mud off the row unit’s opening disc, which Mr Leifels found “Worked really well”.


“It gives a uniform platform for the seed boot to run down,” he said.


Mr Leifels finished by saying that he is a “happy and repeat customer”.

Coil Gauge Wheel and coil closing wheel Cutting Edge NSW Cotton Farm

RYAN NT Coil Gauge Wheel next a disc opener

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