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RYAN NT Closing wheels for John Deere Planters and other disc machines

We've overcome those annoying challenges with closing wheels for John Deere planters and other disc machines. We’ve created a system that maximises seed-to-soil contact, leaves a perfect tilth over furrows and, ultimately, gives a better and more even germination.

The wheels are in the USA, Canada and Australia and fit most brands and products, including John Deere Planters. This article will take you through the RYAN NT Coil Closing Wheel for Double Disc Planters.


Our goal is to get you the best outcome for your planter in terms of time and money. Our closing wheels are taking disc machines to the next level, especially John Deere Planters.


You'll see fantastic results in most conditions, including cereal and corn crop residue.


There are several reasons we can make this promise. The wheels self-clean mud and residue build up to keep you going in the paddock.


The coils close the seed-vee firmly, eliminating air pockets and enhancing seed-to-soil contact.


The wheels are made with spring steel, meaning you won’t need to replace splitting or deteriorating rubber wheels.

RYAN NT Closing wheels for John Deere Planters - double discs

Coil Closing Wheel fitted to a John Deere MaxEmerge Planter

Avoid issues with standard closing wheels for John Deere Planters and others

Closing wheels must close the seed-vee consistently, fracture the sidewall, and put loose soil above the seed. You get two critical productivity issues right if you do this: uniform emergence and maximised yields.


Conventional rubber, spiked or cast closing wheels frequently result in poor germination due to poor seed-to-soil contact or trench cracking. This is not so with the RYAN NT coil closing wheels.


The auger action of the coil compacts soil tight, screwing the slot closed for better emergence.


The coil shifts an excellent soil tilth across the surface, allowing furrows to retain moisture and avoid cracking.

Coil Gauge and Closing Wheel on Cotton Farm NSW - JD MaxEmerge Planter

Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels fitted to a John Deere MaxEmerge

Conventional closing wheels on planter row units usually require chains to drag soil tilth across the top of the furrow.


Chains tend to pull out crop residue and drag it through the furrow. In turn, pulling out seed or drying the soil out.


The coil closing wheel drags soil over the furrow and won’t pull out crop residue, meaning you don’t need chains.

No need for chains on your john deere planter closing wheels with the coil wheels

No need for chains on your row units with the coil closing wheels

Close your furrows better than any other closing wheels

Different conditions may require you to have a variety of closing wheels on hand. The RYAN NT is an all-rounder meaning you can rely solely on our wheel for most jobs.


The RYAN NT closing wheel closes the furrow and keeps it closed in all soil types and conditions — even gumbo soils. Farmers worldwide, especially those using a John Deere Planter, are fitting our closing wheels.


You’ll be confident all seeds are at the bottom of the seed-vee, in good soil moisture and have uniform emergence.

Ditch your rubber and spiked wheels for coils

Ditch your rubber and spiked wheels for coils

Combat sidewall compaction

A significant issue when planting in wet conditions is sidewall compaction. Waiting for soils to dry could result in yield losses, even more so if another rain is forecast soon.


The yield penalty for late planting is a balancing act, sometimes forcing you to plant in less-than-ideal soil moisture conditions.


Planting in these conditions is when sidewall compaction happens. Planter openers can create sidewall smearing when pushing wet soil outward to make the furrow, even more so if you have too much down pressure.


The RYAN NT coil closing wheels are highly effective in fracturing sidewall compaction in such conditions.


Much like the spikes on a spiked closing wheel, the coils cut into the sidewall and break it down.

Smeared side wall from side wall compaction

Smeared sidewall from sidewall compaction

Create the best growing conditions when planting

In addition to that benefit, the coils auger fractured soil over the furrow, leaving a perfect tilth on top for optimum growing conditions.


Our planter closing wheels can suit John Deere, Kinzie, AGCO White, Great Plains, Norseman, Serafin, Excel and Boss systems.

Seed-to-soil contact. Coil wheel vs rubber wheel germination

Noticeable difference between standard closing wheel and RYAN NT closing wheel germination

Fitting your planter row unit with our RYAN NT Coil Gauge Wheels can achieve more outstanding results.


You can see here how the RYAN NT coil wheels outperform rubber gauge and spiked closing wheels in shedding mud in challenging conditions.

Coil John Deere 1890 Gauge Wheel & Closing Wheels comparison

Coil wheels outperform rubber and spiked wheels in mud-shedding capabilities

Contact RYAN NT today for the number one self-cleaning wheels for planters and seeders.

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