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Major Announcement - RFM NT rebrands to Ryan NT

RFM NT has unveiled a new name, a new logo and a new domain for an extensive rebranding initiative. The company is now Ryan NT.

Ryan NT (RFM NT) Logo Horizontal

Horsham, Victoria. RFM NT, a lead manufacturer for agricultural machinery retrofits, announced today that it has completed a significant rebranding. The company is now Ryan NT. The RFM NT rebrand initiative coincided with recent new product releases. There was also the need to signal a new and exciting era for Ryan manufacturing. The name is also nod to the orginal roots of Ryan manufacturing. Presently, Ryan designs have been an influential part of the agricultural industry for over 50 years. Furthermore, the RFM NT rebrand announces to farmers that Ryan NT is a company concerned with providing above and beyond customer focus. In other words, Ryan NT achieves this by designing innovative products and outstanding customer service.

“This rename and rebrand will represent a significant step in the company’s evolution. We are redefining who we are, focused on farmers and striving to improve soils, which ultimately improves their bottom line,” said Paul Ryan, Managing Director. “Our brand ethos is built on trust, credibility and industry knowledge. Our brand ethos is built on trust, credibility and industry knowledge. Those pillars have kept the Ryan name strong for over five decades, dating back to Austin Ryan’s 1960s Scaravator. We pride ourselves on our relationships and our ability to help and support farmers.”

RFM NT Rebrand Means New Name, Logo and Design

Ryan NT developed the new name and logo through a collaborative process. The logo reflects the Ryan families ties to the industry for over 50 years and the innovative products they currently sell. Ryan NT's name means outstanding service, sincerity, quality products and authenticity. The spring and axle symbol strategically resemble coil wheels and the colours derived from the Ryan brand colour pallet. Not to mention, the new domain has a simple alteration from the current one ( > Finally, the Ryan NT website offers an engaging design and easy to use navigation optimised for either desktop, mobile or tablet use. In addition, the website boasts a blog, amongst other helpful content.

Ryan NT RFM NT rebrand Logo

About Ryan NT

Ryan NT is an Australian agricultural machinery manufacturer and designer with a proud history that dates to the 1960s. Servicing the world with NoTill and ZeroTill products, farmers have access to Ryan NT’s innovative coil gauge, closing and press wheels, retrofit double discs and cultivator tines. Ryan NT also provides advice and parts for servicing old Ryan Airseeders and equipment.

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