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2021 Early Order Program – Meet and even exceed next year's budget with ease.

We are introducing an early order program which offers buyers discounts for placing orders earlier in the year.

Lock in special pricing on next year’s purchases and receive big savings on the products you need for next season, especially those looking to replace current warn precision planter parts.

As Australia’s winter planting is coming to an end, we are urging farmers to start thinking about next year’s planting.

We have been inundated with orders after winter planting, especially those looking to replace their current warn precision planter parts.

We have a limited capacity of implements we can build in time for winter sowing each year.

To ensure more farmers get our products on time we're pushing for more production until the end of the year.

Ryan NT (RFM NT) Double Disc
The Gason Scaritil with Ryan NT (RFM NT) Spring Coil Gauge Wheels

Time to replace your warn precision planter parts

Paul Ryan of Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT), explains “This year’s sticky conditions seen through Australia had farmers scrambling to replace their rubber gauge wheels with our coils ones.


“During the current winter planting, our order book was pretty because of farmers wanting our solutions on their row unit.



Sales for our latest Coil Gauge Wheel, due to anticipation and exciting results from previous models, have pleased us”.



As the season got closer to it's end demand for the wheels grew immensely, as farmers current precision planter parts weren’t allowing them into the field” Mr Ryan said.



“Everyone wanted our Gauge Wheels in May, but they take time to manufacturer as components are brought in from other parts of the world, which puts the pressure on.

Ryan NT (RFM NT) Ryan Tyne Beefed Up
Ryan NT (RFM NT) Paul Ryan leaning on planter with gauge wheel

Years of dedication

The family-run business established in 1960 has expanded from a small business in a farm workshop to a leading manufacturer of farm machinery.


The sole focus for ryan NT (formerly RFM NT), since 2012, has been on building No-Till retrofit implements, including its Tynes and Double Discs and more recently its Gauge and Closing Wheels.


These developments put Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) among the best manufacturers of broadacre farming equipment in Australia.


Paul Ryan said “Ryan NT is enjoying the benefits of an outstanding performance from 2019 USA and Europe planting”.


This has made Ryan NT universally recognised for aftermarket parts for precision planters, suitable for diverse conditions”.


We have made the Coil Gauge Wheel to suit most precision planters in Australia, including John Deere, Serafin and NDF.

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