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Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) beefs up Ryan Tyne for stronger no-till farming performance

Horsham-based manufacturer Ryan Farming Machinery (T/A Ryan NT, formerly RFM NT) has beefed up its popular retrofit no-till tyne, which is now built stronger and can handle a breakout of up to 272kg.

CAMERON McGAVIN, The Weekly Times | April 8, 2020 12:00am

Ryan NT (RFM NT) Ryan Tyne Beefed Up

Stronger for longer: Ryan Farming Machinery (Trading as Ryan NT, formerly RFM NT) beefed up the Ryan Tyne to cater for all the hard work it does in no-till farming to handle rocks and stones with ease.

RYAN Farming Machinery’s (Trading as Ryan NT, formerly RFM NT) popular Ryan Tyne has come in for a refresh.


The Horsham-based manufacturer’s retrofit no-till tyne – famous for its ability to be fitted to the rectangular hollow section frame of almost any planter or machine and quick-changed to a double-disc set-up – is now built stronger and can handle a breakout of up to 600 pounds (272kg).


It also introduces new features that broaden its versatility.


“We’ve beefed up the Ryan Tyne to cater for all that hard work it does in no-till these days, to handle the rocks, the stones and the hard parts of no-till farming,” said Ryan NT director Paul Ryan.

Ryan NT (RFM NT) Paul Ryan leaning on planter with gauge wheel

Paul Ryan of Ryan NT

“A disc is much harder on a tyne trip, there’s a lot of side force, so we’ve beefed up the pivot area and the structure of the whole assembly,” Mr Ryan said.


“We’ve also made the tyne shank cater for a single-bolt hold and a two-bolt hold shank, allowing the farmer to choose the points they would like to use, and the breakout pressure is now adjustable, from one spring at 400lb to two springs at 600lb.”


Ryan Farming Machinery (Trading as Ryan NT, formerly RFM NT) has also developed its self-cleaning, non-caking coil-wheel system into a retrofit gauge and closing wheel for single and double-disc planters.


It’s claimed to deliver more precise, productive seeding in conventional or no-till conditions.


“And not just for our discs,” Mr Ryan said.


“It can fit onto a single disc of a John Deere or a Serafin. It allows you to sow a bit longer into the evening or start a bit earlier in the morning or after a shower.


“It’s all about productivity with our products, extra productivity with existing equipment.


“Now we can drive into nearly every farmer’s gate and offer them something, whether it’s a tyne, a coil-press wheel, a disc or whatever.”


For more information on adding the Ryan Tyne to your planter, get in contact with Paul Ryan at Ryan Farming Machinery on +61 417 354 617 or check out the Ryan Tyne page.


This article was originally published in The Weekly Times.

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