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Coil John Deere 1890 Gauge Wheel & Closing Wheels working on Northern Wimmera Property

Paul Ryan chatting to Brad Jenkinson about the Gauge and Closing Wheels on a Northern Wimmera property in Victoria.

We caught up with Brad Jenkinson of Prospect Farm. We wanted to hear his thoughts about the RYAN NT Coil John Deere 1890 Gauge Wheel & Closing Wheel.

Brad works on Bernard Lindsay's Northern Wimmera property in Warracknabeal, Victoria. Prospect Farm runs a John Deere 1890 with coil gauge wheels and closing wheels.

Bernard, Brad's boss, has been trying the system for three years and recently purchased the latest narrow model.

“We had to put the gauge wheels on when it got wet, and if we didn't have them on, we wouldn't of got started,” Brad explained.

“They worked really well, and we're really happy with them.

“Went through some crappy crabholes, and the mud comes out, and they cleaned themselves up pretty well.

“The wheels are going really well.”

Coil John Deere 1890 Gauge Wheel & Closing Wheels working

A no-brainer addition


Prospect Farm also runs the coil closing wheel with their coil Gauge Wheels.


The coil closing wheel for single discs has an adjustable pitch.


“The closing wheels clean themselves out good,” Brad said.


“You know when it gets really wet, they close it off really well and won't stick up with mud.”


RYAN NT has the Gauge Wheels and Closing wheels in stock and ready to go if you need them for spring, summer or winter planting.

Coil John Deere 1890 Gauge Wheel & Closing Wheels comparison

Paul Ryan – RYAN NT (formerly RFM NT)

Horsham – Home of the original RYAN NT (formerly RFM NT)

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