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Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) Announces OEM partnership with Innovative Serafin Machinery

Growth potential thanks to complementary product range for Disc Planters

Disc Planter Upgrade - Ryan NT (RFM NT) Gauge Wheel and Serafins

Paul Ryan, Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) National Sales Manager, and Rodney Dunn, Serafin Machinery Sales Manager, showing off the latest Ryan NT Narrow Coil Gauge Wheel.

Horsham, VIC: Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) have announced a new OEM partnership with Disc Seeder Manufacturer, Serafin Machinery, for their Coil Gauge Wheels range. This partnership will allow Serafin Customers, especially those looking to get more hours out of their Single Disc Planters to buy products, designed by Paul Ryan, direct.

“Darryl Serafin and I go back 20 years and are pleased to announce our partnership with the latest Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) No-Till product range,” says Paul (National Sales Manager at Ryan NT). “We feel our products suit their well engineered disc planters.”

“I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen so far from the Coil Gauge Wheel and Paul Ryan’s focus on continuous improvement and service,” says Rodney Dunn (Sales Manager at Serafin Machinery). “The wheels are a good option in sticky condition on our Ultisow Single Disc Bar.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Ryan NT’s Gauge Wheel product will be a revolutionary upgrade to
    Serafin’s Disc Planter range.
  • Will enable Serafin’s Planters to work longer in challenging conditions
  • Allow Ryan NT’s products to access more markets and raise more awareness of our brand.
Ryan NT (RFM NT) Gauge Wheels

The Paul Ryan designed coil wheel system has performed outstandingly, even in really sticky conditions.

About Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT):

Paul Ryan from Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) in Horsham, Victoria has been improving and adding to his range of planting and tillage gear. Recently, due to refining his well-known Coil Wheel System, Paul has created a patented Gauge and Closing Wheel for single and double-disc planters. The results from 2020 winter planting have left Ryan NT inundated with orders, especially those looking to change out their current worn rubber gauge and closing wheels.


Paul Ryan has now been solely focused on building No-Till retrofit implements, putting Ryan NT among the best suppliers and manufacturers of broadacre farming equipment in Australia.

Serafin SB2019 row unit

Serafin Machinery’s latest model SB2019 single disc superior seeding row unit

About Serafin Machinery:

Serafin Machinery have a passion for introducing innovation into the agricultural industry and providing customers with exceptional service and quality products at the best prices.

A combination of Australian made and imported products, provide a vast range of equipment suited to farmers and contractors across Australia.

Serafin Machinery has designed, developed, and manufactured its own no-till seeder, the Serafin Ultisow, PastureKing and a custom range of seeding and tillage equipment following many years of working with and listening to what farmers want and need.

Since 2010, Serafin Machinery has managed to release a new model of Single Disc opener to the Australian market once every three years. Each model has improved maintenance, better seed placement and a longer lifetime that its previous model. The new SB2019 row unit has surpassed other openers on the market for its robustness, accuracy in seed placement, simplicity, versatility, and value for money.

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Paul Ryan from Ryan NT on +61 417 354 617 or email

Rodney Dunn from Serafin Machinery on +61 459 755 881 or email

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