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Seeder & Planter Retrofit Upgrades That Get You Better Yields

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RYAN NT Coil Planter Wheels

RYAN NT Gauge Wheel

Coil Gauge Wheel

Plant in wet or sticky conditions with RYAN NT Coil Gauge Wheels.

RYAN NT Closing Wheel


Achieve outstanding furrows with RYAN NT Coil Closing Wheels.

We help farmers save time and money by designing affordable retrofit parts

Paul Ryan has spent the last 40+ years getting his hands dirty under machines worldwide to develop the best seeding products for farmers. This passion for farm machinery means that you will receive the highest quality products from RYAN NT, and we will guide you through the installation step by step.

Higher Yields; Higher Profit

Higher Yields; More Profits

It's simple. Using RYAN NT products leads to higher yields and more profits!

48 Hour Turnaround

48 Hour Turnaround

We focus 100% on any problem you have and aim to solve it within 48 hours.

Strength & Versatility

Strength & Versatility

Built with heavy-duty hardened cast steel because it’s robust and lasts much longer.

Our Guarantee:

Your crops will ‘jump' out of the ground due to better seed placement and germination, leading to higher yields and more profit.

RYAN NT are leaders in no-till and zero-till farm machinery

RYAN NT is a leading innovator in the manufacture of No-Till and Zero-till retrofit Farm Machinery. Now in our second generation, for decades we’ve overcome challenges and celebrated triumphs with our customers.

RYAN NT is about innovating to create new tillage equipment that farmers want to buy. The companies focus has shifted from crop planting machines to aftermarket farm equipment and parts.

The extremes of seasons and droughts in Australia always seemed to bring the best out of the Ryan family. Father and son team, Austin and Paul, saw these pressures as opportunities to further develop farm machinery, especially No-Till equipment and systems.

RYAN NT Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels on John Deere Maxemerge Planter Row Units
RYAN NT Coil Gauge and Closing Wheels on Maxemerge Planter Row Units

Developing agricultural equipment for pasture cropping farmers.

RYAN NT has developed products after decades of refining and focusing on creating No-Till agricultural machinery. These developments have benefitted farmers seeding and precision planting around Australia and the world. Due to this, as an industry leader in Australian farm machinery, Paul has travelled the world to share the best farming practices and techniques.

RYAN NT is continually improving technology for those looking to retrofit their cultivator tyne machine with discs or get the most productivity when precision planting, across Australia and the globe. RYAN NT’s agricultural discs are regularly updated to ensure that the latest machines can be retrofitted.

This revolutionary disc farm equipment can be simply fitted to an existing tyne assembly. Further to this, those with single disc openers or precision planter’s using double discs can get the most out of their planting program with RYAN NT’s patented coil gauge and closing wheels.

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